The nine centers

The Nine Centers of the bodygraph

The Bodygraph is made up of nine centers, each relating to specific organs in the body. According to your birth imprint a center will become colored or remain white. The colored centers operate in a consistent way. If you have the Heart center defined in your chart, you have consistent access to your will power.

The most vulnerable parts are the open centers. They do not operate consistently because they are open to influences from others. This is where you are being conditioned in life. In a reading you will be explained how you can recognise this conditioning, how to deal with it and stay aligned to your true nature.

Colored Centers

The colored centers are your fixed characteristics or inborn talents, also called Definitions. A center is colored because it is connected to a nearby center with a channel. It will operate consistently according to specific themes.

In a reading the analist will tell you about these channels and how you bring these talents out into the world by correct interaction.

Decision making

The colored areas are where you are your self. These characteristics are a fixed part of you. Idealy you make your decisions from these parts. They all work together perfectly if you understand the logic behind your design.

Your correct decision making is connected to your Strategy and Inner Authority.

Strategy and Inner Authority are the two most important keys to live a life as your true self. They are a result of the interaction between the centers and gates.

Open Centers

When a center is open or transparant, you experience it’s content as inconsistent. Here you are being influenced by the people around you, kind of like an open window.

When you are not aware of your openness, you identify strongly with everything that comes in. You try and understand it mentally and want to take mental decisions about it to get rid of the pressure. But the only way to deal correctly with it is to follow your Strategy and Authority.

Who are you?