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Emotions – Our Solar Plexus

Human Design Masterclass – Emotions

9 + 10 August Online with Zoom

Emotions are a unique experience for all of us. Your Human Design chart provides a lot of information about how this is specifically for you, in your Deisgn. How you feel the different themes, the waves and what it means for you.

  • What kind of emotional waves are there?
  • What is an emotion, a feeling and the mind?
  • How to be your self, live your truth and wisdom?
  • Which dynamics are unhealthy?

DURATION:  2 x 2 hours class with Zoom online

DATES: 9 and 10 of August

TIME: 19:00 -21:00 hrs

Live from Amsterdam timezone.

PRICE € 175,00

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In this course we will dive deep into the mechanics of the Solar Plexus to help you understand yourself and our dynamic with others. Each participant sends in their own chart and a chart of a person they know who has the opposite aspect. So if you are Open in the Solar plexus, you also send in a chart of a person who has Definition (color) in the Solar Plexus. In class we will take time to analyse the dynamics between these very different worlds of Openness and Definition, between you and the other.

We will take perspectives of Type, Strategy, Authority, Openness, Definition, Gates and Circuits, Melancholy and the role of the Mind to find your truth.




The 12 Profiles course

Duur: 5 classes of  1,5 uur

From 11 -15 August

Time: 19:00 – 20:30 hrs

Where: online with Zoom

Costs: €320,00 ex btw.

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Laern about your own Profile, the Personlaity line and the Design line and learn to see them in the context of the structure of a Hexagram. The Hexagram structure of six lines is essential to understanding each of the archetypes and roles of the lines.

Understanding th 12 Profiles gives you immediate insight in to a persons natual way of life and what works for them. We will also get into the angles ( Left, Right, Juxtaposition) and what this means in regards to living out your destiny.

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