About Human Design

The Human Design System is an accurate system for self knowledge. It scientifically shows how neutrinos – small energy particles – carry specific information and imprint you at the moment of your birth.

This imprint is shown in the Bodygraph. All aspects of your personality are encoded here: from your life’s purpose to your best nutrition.

The way in which the centers, gates and channels are activated result in a your unique Design and bring you a manual to embody and start living this unique nature.

A Human Design chart reading provides tools to apply this knowledge in your daily life.

What is your reliable starting point to make decisions? Is it your emotional state or your intuition? Or can you rely on the power of your will? And how do you do this?

Each individual has a unique design. You live out your true nature by taking healthy decisions, following your Strategy and Inner Authority.

Sickness, burn out and depression are more likely to occur when you are not living a life according to your true blueprint.

Live a life as your self.