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“Happy Birthday, you have recieved this as a gift from…”


This is a 20 minute video showing the persons Human Design chart and and explanation of the most important features.

You can order it as a gift up to three days in advance of a birthday.



The video shows the persons Human Design chart with a small video window in the corner where I am visible doing the mini Reading; Explaning in easy to follow language and meanwhile drawing on the chart to point out the features.


“Greetings from Ibiza, the island where the Human Design System was foundend”.

Happy Birthday, from Ibiza.

Video report

Personal mini Reading:

  • The Human Design Systeem
  • Your Rave Chart
  • Your role and talents
  • Your way of decisionmaking
  • Your pitfalls

Length: 20 minutes

€ 65,00 (excl BTW)
Please allow 3 days to process | Recording is sent per email

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