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As a teenager life can be confusing and stressfful. Are you feeling insecure due to circumstances and stress and find it difficult to feel your place in the world?

Everybody seems to want the best for you, but you do not feel seeen. You have a hard time making choices.


Sonja helps you by looking into the Human Design Systeem. She can support you and empower you in who you are with a Reading. We have a special offer for you.


This Reading tells you about your natural talents and how to put them into the world without effort. You will probably recognise these and it is nice to be able to hear them articulated in words you have not thought of yourself before.

Aim of the Reading is not to make you ‘do’ anything, but to make you feel comfortalble with how things work for you. And that is something so unique to you and different for others.

Also the Reading will point out your pitfalls, why they are there, what you can learn form them and how you can profit from them.


2 x 1,5 hours


online with Zoom

or live on Ibiza or in Amsterdam.

€ 111,- for  one session  of 1,5 hour, recorded.

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Video report

Van te voren opgenomen video reading voor je verjaardag!


Persoonlijke mini Reading:

  • Gefeliciteerd
  • Je kaart en wat dit betekent voor je
  • Je rol en je talenten
  • Je besluitvorming
  • Je vlakuilen

Duur: 20 minuten

€ 75,00
Beschikbaar binnen 4 dagen na bestelling| Opname verstuurd per email

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