The four types

Humanity consists of
four Types.

Few people are designed to initiate new things: Manifestors.

Most people are designed to work, to build and shape apects of our society: Generators en Manifesting Generators.

A small part of humanity are designed to observe and guide others: Projectors.

The Reflectors are a mirror to society.

Specific role, characteristics and pitfalls are linked to their aura.

Manifestor (8%)

Role: the Starter

Their aura makes them push energy forward. They are ones that can clear the way and initiate new things. When they inform their surroundings of what they are going to do before they take action, they will manifest peacefully or at least correctly. But informing is not a natural mechanism for Manifestors. Rather they do not want to be interfered with. They often do not realise the impact their actions have on people around them and have to deal with the resistance of these people whom they did not inform. The feeling of Anger that arises is a result of not informing.

Are you a Manifestor?
Do you inform those you impact with your decision?

Generator (70%)

Role: the Builder

Their aura is receptive. They have consistent life force energy that becomes available through respons. Generators want to spend their energy on things that they love to do. When Generators respond to life, they spend their energy correct and they find themselves in a creative working process of building things step by step. A happy Generator is satisfied after a day hard work.

When they do not listen to their body (their sacral respons), but follow their mind, they end up doing things they do not have energy for. Their motor stops and they feel frustrated because they force themselves to continue.

Are you a Generator?
Do you follow your gut feeling?

Projector (21%)

Role: the Guide

Their focused aura penetrates the other. They are designed for one on one guidance of Generators. They are most successful when they are invited to do so.
But very often they will not await this invitation and initiate their advise in the hope to be seen and recognised. If the invitation was not there and they initiate anyway, their advise is not heard and they feel the bitterness of not being seen.

Though this has nothing to do with the quality of their insights, but more with the correct timing.

Are you a Projector?
Do you wait to be invited?

Reflector (1%)

Role: Mirror of a community

Their aura is constantly taking information in and putting it out again. They reflect their surrounding. That can be fun and surprising if you live amidst an awake and aware community, but reality is often different. A reflection can be quite disappointing because they encounter people living homogenized lives. Reflectors are at their best in large groups of people. They sample and get a taste of many different auras in a day. Their identity is one that blends in with the group. Reflectors need a lot of time to process this openness and make clear personal decisions.

Are you a Reflector?
Do you allow your self a lot of time for your decisions? 

Who are you?