Readings – Amsterdam – Ibiza – Online

If this is your first experience with Human Design, then book a Foundation Reading. You receive an in depth explanation of your Human Design chart and can ask questions.

If you are already into Human Design, book an Extended Reading and focus on a specific topics like work, health or relationships.

If you want to meet in person, book your appointment in Amsterdam or Ibiza. Afterwards you receive a recording and a 24 page illustrated summery.

Would you like to you do your Reading online? Please make sure you have a computer with camera and microphone and a stable wifi connection. You will receive a link to log into our online platform. Together we look at your chart so you can follow the explanation step by step.

The reading is recorded with video and audio. The recording is sent along with a 20-24 page illustrated summery.

Readings are 2 hours.

What would your life look like…

if you would live your true nature?

Foundation Reading

Individual reading with explanation of all basic aspects of your chart:

  • your decision making proces
  • your talents, your pitfalls
  • conditionings and how to decondition your self
  • your profile and role in the greater whole

Duration: 2 hours

€ 165,00 / ex.vat

Including recording + 30 page report.

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Extended Reading

After a Foundation Reading focus on for example:

  • love, intimacy and relationships
  • health, environment, nutrition
  • work, capacities, talents
  • raising children and family life

Duration 2 hours

€ 165,00 / ex. vat

Including recording + report

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Human Design for groups


Would you like your collegues at work or group of friends to get to know Human Design? This is an interactive slide show presentation for groups at the location of your choice. Participants recieve an introduction to the Human Design System, an explanation about their Type and Strategy and tools for effective intertype communication.


Duration: 3,5 hours.


Please send your request for an indication of the costs per email.

Human Design Coaching


Personal coaching guides you back to that place of surrender and trust in your body to be able to make healthy and prodcuctive choices. Learn to follow your signposts, nurture your self correctly and eliminate fears. Step by step you can decondition yourself from behaviour that is not in alignment with your true nature.


Pre requisites: Foundation Reading.

€ 105,00 ex VAT per hour  online.

Please send an email to apply for coaching.

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