Readings in Amsterdam, Ibiza  or Worldwide Online

Amsterdam availability: 30 June – 12 September.

Foundation Reading

Is this your first Reading? Then book a Foundation Reading.

This is an in depth explanation of your Human Design chart where you can ask questions.

We can meet online or in person in Amsterdam or on Ibiza.

If you book an online reading, you will recieve an email with a link to login.

Would you link to meet in Amsterdam: please book a date between 30 March – 13 April.

Extended Reading

Do you want to know more? Book an Extended Reading.

If you choose an online Reading, please make sure you have a computer with camera and microphone and a stable wifi connection.

Readings are recorded with video and audio.

Readings are split in two meetings of 1-1,5 hrs, recorded.

What would your life look like…

if you would live your true nature?

Foundation Reading

Individual reading with explanation of all basic aspects of your chart:

  • your decision making proces
  • your talents, your pitfalls
  • conditionings and how to decondition your self
  • your profile and role in the greater whole

Two meetings live or online of 1,5 hrs.

€ 200,00 / ex.vat

Includes: Reading, coaching, Q&A, recorded video

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Extended Reading

After a Foundation Reading focus on:

  • love, intimacy and relationships
  • health, environment, nutrition
  • work, capacities, talents
  • raising children and family life

Duration 1,5 hours live or online

€ 150,00 / ex. vat

Includes Analyses, Coaching, Q&A, video recording.

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Human Design for Business

Offering your colleagues a crash course into the Human Design System followed by collective chart readings. The readings share each persons talents, pitfalls and natural role in a group.  With tips for effective communications and more efficient workflow.

  • Visual interactive slide show
  • Recording
  • Individual Readings
  • Group Analysis

Compose a package fitting to your budget of:

  • 1,5 hour online meetings  €160,-
  • 3,5 hour live meetings at your venue € 425,-

live in Amsterdam or Ibiza

  • Request a call to talk it through: email.

Human Design for the Family

Getting a Family Reading done offers great support and understanding of each person involved. You get a grip on the dynamics that are in play and know how to bring a better flow and efficiency in managing energy during the day.

A three step trajectory :

  • Basic Reading of the individual
  • Family dynamics between multiple charts
  • Implementation and coaching

3 x 1,5 hour online meetings – Recorded

€ 425,00 ex vat

Please email to apply or ask for availability.

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