The Human Design System is a holistic, logical and verifiable system for self knowledge.

It´s a synthesis of astrology, the chakra system, I-Ching, the Kaballah, quantum mechanics, biochemistry and DNA-genetics.

How can you make healthy decisions?
What is your potential wisdom?
Where are you conditioned by others?
What are your pitfalls?
Are you emotional in your nature?
Who are you in relationships?
What environment en nutrition is correct for you?
How can you live your correct strategy?
What is your purpose?

Your Human Design chart


Your Human Design chart is based on the exact moment of your birth and shows you how you are designed as a human being. A reading by a professional analist gives you valuable information about yourself:


  • You gain insight into your inborn talents.
  • You get the tools to make healthy decisions in life.
  • You understand your role in the greater whole.
  • You get tools to become aware of your conditioning.
  • You get tools to decondition from what is not in your true nature.

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  • I can't explain enough how this knowledge or rather the application of it has already had a profound effect on me. My life is already easier and more peaceful by simply following my Strategy and Authority.

    Samantha (UK
  • Sonja opened the door for human design in my life. She helped me understand my design and from there, I feel much aligned with who I really am. All makes sense now. I am so grateful for the detailed explanation and nice approach she has. Totally recommended!!

    Evelyn (ES

Self Love

The Human Design system teaches you to love yourself exactly as you are.

A chart reading will bring you a detailed, logical and humoristic perspective on what it is to be you. Get to know where your limits are and surrender to them. Gain insight in your talents and how to externalise them with a simple strategy. What you thought were problems in your life, become stories about your ‘Not Self’ and how you have tried to become someone that you are not designed to be.

You not only understand yourself better and how you operate, but you also understand others better, how different they are and in which aspects. Judgements make way for insight and awareness. You become less busy with things that do not matter and learn to deal with conditioning forces around you.

Love life, be yourself.

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