Your exact birth time

Your exact birth time

Human Design is a very precise system. For a good reading it is best to know an exact time of birth.

Were you born in the Netherlands? Birthtime is registered at the birth register of your birthplace. Most municipalities have online services where you can request your birth certificate.

If you have doubts about your birth time, please report this before the reading. How much time can the difference be? Often nothing changes in the main lines of a chart within a quarter or an hour and does not affect the content of the Foundation Reading. Occasionally it may be that essential aspects change. The analyst will check for this for you. In most cases, a birth time that is accurate to fifteen minutes, is good for a Foundation Reading.

If you want a Extended Reading, the analyst may want to know an exact time. When in doubt, send your question by email. If necessary, you will be directed to a Vedic astrologer. In most cases, the registered time on the birth certificate.